Dolpo Region Trekking

The Dolpo region may not be known for the highest peaks of the Himalaya, like Everest and Annapurna, but this is long-isolated place which is culturally Tibetan region of Nepal and is starting to attract the attention of both domestic and overseas trekkers. This is the dry and high mountain valleys of the Dolpo are in the north of the Kanjiroba and the Dhaulagiri Himal. With improvements being made at Juphal airfield near Dunai, the region is likely to see a growth in the number of visitors now.

Dolpo region is rugged and beautiful land categorized by high passes and a community of Tibetan-stock people who follow Tibetan Buddhism and the old pre-Buddhist religion of Bon, the area were restricted to foreigners until recently. While visiting this outstanding mountain scenery you might wonder if you are still on the planet earth. The landscape of the Dolpo region rather contrasts with the rest of Nepal. Dolpo makes a fabulous second or third adventure for the returning visitor to Nepal. The hidden secrets of Dolpo will shine brightly – those gems, like the colorful people, fabulous landscapes, mysterious canyons, cliff-clinging monasteries and crystal-clear streams. Mountains such as Kanjiroba sparkle on the skyline, their glaciers and tumbling ice fields catching the eye, mesmerizing and uplifting the spirit.

Observing different rain shadow landscapes with stunning mountain views, wild flowers, Himalayan blue sheep, snow leopards and huge birds Himalayan griffon is the best thing you do in Dolpo region. Dolpo was the location for the 1999 Oscar-nominated film Himalaya and more recently for the German documentary Dolpo Tulku. Asian Mystery is your ideal solution for organizing trekking in Dolpo region with full support of Camping staff and organized way, so, inquiry us for the detail program with an itinerary, cost and the services.

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Best Seasons:May, June, July, August).
Popular Location:Upper Dolpo, Lower Dolpo

Dolpo Region Trekking Packages

    Dolpo to Jumla Trekking

    23 Days

    Dolpa is the most remote place situated in the Trans Himalayan region of Mid -West Nepal. It has scattered fascination villages & is still the land of mystery & peace. The region about in a host of snow peak ...

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      Upper Dolpo Trekking

      The Upper Dolpo Trek is a recently opened trekking location situated in the far west region of Nepal. Indispensable trek for trekkers who admire the serenity and raw beauty of this mystery land, this trail is at its ...

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        Lower Dolpo Trekking

        18 Days

        The Lower Dolpo area is a less trodden, newly opened trekking location situated between the Tibetan plateaus and the Dhaulagiri Himalayan Range. Enclosed almost entirely by a conservation area consisting of 3500 ...

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